5 Best Offline Adventure Games for Android that You Must Try


Sometimes like to be annoyed when I want to play online games on smartphones suddenly the internet quota runs out, so confused what deh want to play. Well, if you’re dead I do not know what game to play when the quota runs out, maybe you should prepare offline games on your smartphone ya. Offline games is one of the best choices for you who are running out of internet quota or do not want to waste quota. Luckily, today has many adventure games on smartphones that do not require internet access and also has an exciting gameplay. Well here’s five game loop that you can enjoy on smartphone device offline option:

1. Tales from the Borderlands


For those of you who like interactive games are fun and have a unique story, maybe Tales from the Borderlands this could be a choice of offline adventure games that must exist on your smartphone. This game presents the fun of interactive drama gameplay and action-adventure graphics and developed by leading developer, Telltale Games.

This game is about the universe Borderlands, which allows you to be one of the two main protagonist character, Rhys and Fiona. You can explore the existing world, interact with various game objects, engage yourself in conversations with NPCs, and make certain choices that are very influential on the course of the story.

2. Machinarium


If you are looking for a game with graphics that highlight aesthetic value, maybe you can try Machinarium game. Game made by Amanita presents gameplay puzzle and adventure with quite unique graphics quality. You can follow the story line and solve challenging puzzles, through a series of obstacles to get out of a difficult situation. Featuring beautiful visuals, beautiful storylines, and unique gameplay, Machinarium is a fun and challenging game point and click puzzle platform to play and enjoy.

3. Badland


Although this game has been long enough, but the adventure game with the action-adventure genre and sandbox style puzzle is still has a fun gameplay to try. In this Badland game you will be a creature who struggles to get rid of the giant machine. The story begins when a machine continues to destroy the forest creatures and push you through a portal. After you wake up, you find yourself far away in the machine without any way out. Your job here is to explore and find a way to get out of the machine and save other friends.

4. Rayman


Liked a rather challenging adventure game? Maybe you can try Rayman on your smartphone device. This offline adventure game that features both action and adventure elements is created by Ludimedia and published by Ubisoft. You will play the role of a protagonist named Rayman and your ultimate goal is to explore and restore the Great Protoon entity. You can feel every level that is challenging by moving Rayman to jump, run, and avoid approaching enemies.

5. Yesterday


Yesterday is an offline adventure game that has the power of puzzle and is wrapped with an interesting storyline. In this game that takes place in New York City, you can control some characters to uncover the mystery of the lost homeless. This game puts you on a great adventure where you have to solve many mysteries to find the reason behind the loss of the homeless. Yesterday is arguably one of the best point and click games you can try.

That’s the fifth offline adventure game that is very cool to play when your internet quota runs out. Among the five games above, which game would you like to try? Continue to social media WorldGames for info-interesting info about other games.

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