Bandai Namco Also Prepare Ridge Racer 8?


Ridge Racer, how long have you not heard the name of this one game? The popularity of its past, especially in the Playstation era, did make it one of the legendary titles that are so memorable. But unfortunately, efforts to restore its popularity have not been successful in the last few series. Ridge Racer 7 was released in 2006 with a separate series called Unbounded that followed in 2012 proved to have little success in returning the fascination of this franchise, despite the notion of critics who are not so bad. Now, Bandai Namco is reportedly preparing a new major series of him.


As if not quite busy with all the games they are currently preparing, Bandai Namco is reportedly preparing for the latest series – Ridge Racer 8 which will be handled by Bandai Namco Singapore. This information is revealed from the LinkedIn profile of one of the explicit Lead Designers, mentioning the title in the existing description. Not only that, the same profile also writes an exclusive FPS game project for the trusted Nintendo Switch, a Metroid Prime 4. Both Ridge Racer 8 or “nameless FPS game” is written as an exclusive release for Nintendo Switch.


As soon as this information spreads quickly in cyberspace, the information ends up deleted. Neither Nintendo nor Bandai Namco themselves have yet to speak out due to this warming rumor. How about you? Are you a gamer who misses with the return of Ridge Racer?

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