Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked?

Abused in the early release and fix themselves, flagship shooter game Bungie Studios and Activision – Destiny ended successfully defended fanatical fan base that still play it to this day. Moreover, some of their paid expansion pack touted increasingly enhance the experience of this cooperative multiplayer shooter based. It is no secret that the success of this first Destiny eventually push Activision and Bungie to plan a second series in the 2017’s. Although not yet officially announced and shown, the release date itself is leaking.


This information is slid from a poster that should be used as promotional material. Emerging from an Italian site that showed images of the first, which was followed from a mysterious post of imgur, this poster truth itself has been confirmed by the European sites – Eurogamer. Shows three new characters without masks, Activision seems to be back working with Playstation for this second series. A beta period reportedly being planned in June 2017.

At the same poster, Destiny 2 shows the release date – 8 September 2017 for him. Neither Activision nor Bungie itself still does not give any official comments related to the leaking of promotional poster on this one. Interested?

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