Developer Silent Hill Threatened Close?

Global economic conditions are increasingly unstable seem too big influence on the gaming industry. Although in general the industry still represents a positive financial conditions, global financial problems forced many publishers to tighten belts. The result? The new developers are not able to compete and leave a strong impression through his works were targeted restructuring. Layoffs, mergers, closures forced to be considered the best solution. A dark period that might befall one of the developers leading the survival horror franchise – Silent Hill.


Vatra Games, developer of Czech origin who was behind the development of the latest series – Silent Hill: Downpour seems to be facing the “bitter” on this one. Kuju Entertainment, as the owner of Vatra, announced that they will make the process of evaluation and review in depth the performance of Vatra. The presence of a new management team will be responsible for this process. In the meantime, all projects Vatra Games will be stopped until confirmation of their status by Kuju Entertainment unveiled its own.

Walauapun counted as gamers were not too please series Silent Hill: Downpour, the news will be the threat of closure like this never stops surprising us. Only in the last six months in the year 2012 alone, there had been some names of companies that must eventually “fall” to face the competition the more deadly. Hopefully Vatra Games is able to survive.

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