Failed on the Market, Dawn of War 3 Relic Abandoned


Are all the latest games of a gigantic franchise always culminating in success? Although the hype is sometimes so great, there is never any guarantee of certainty. It is not a rare sight to see how such a gigantic product fails because the quality that ends is not worth the anticipation, or simply because of the various false policies taken. One of the fatal mistakes that also often happens is the hard effort to inject innovation, produce a game that feels different, and then kick the fanatic fan base away from it. In conditions like this, developers will usually furiously struggle to inject updates for updates and make reshuffle to get attention and interest. But unfortunately, this case does not occur in the latest strategy game concoction Relic and SEGA – Dawn of War 3.


Imagining a strategy game that carries the name Dawn of War could fail on the market is certainly a big question. But this is what happened with Dawn of War 3 which was released in April 2017 by SEGA and Relic. Coming with innovation that failed to attract new gamers and keep fans away, it ended up being a product that failed on the market. A fact that even Relic himself admits in his new statement. But instead of struggling to improve and perfect it, they formally decided to leave it alone.

Relic and SEGA mention that the number of regular players of Dawn of War 3 is currently so small, that they feel that they no longer deserve support in the future. They doubt that the updates they release will be able to change the condition. This means, Dawn of War 3 is officially abandoned. No more updates, no more expansion, and no more new unit races that had been planned before. Relic mentions that when a game fails to look stunning in terms of sales, they have to change the existing plan. They prefer to move on to their next project, which unfortunately, they do not explain in more detail.

This is of course a big blow to gamers who already entrust their money with Dawn of War 3. Neither SEGA nor Relic talks about a refund scheme or a policy to reduce this price in the future. What a shame …

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