Focus Home Interactive Announces The Surge 2


Starting from a game that grew into its own separate genre, the popularity of the Dark Souls series that offers the sensation of RPG action with high difficulty levels and an exciting open world does inspire many other game series to be born, and strive to follow the same concept. One of them came from Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13 through a new title – The Surge. Carrying a concept that is almost similar, he explores a futuristic world that contains a variety of machines for you to subdue. The exoskeleton system that also affects the main strength of the main character is also the identity of the gameplay. Now, the sequel series is finally announced.


Although it’s never clear whether the Surge is a successful title in terms of sales or not, but Focus Home Interactive seems quite optimistic to continue into the second series. The Surge 2 was officially announced, though still without much detail. Deck13 is again cultivated as a developer, with the promise that this second series will still carry the same concept with the main series. The Surge 2 will present a new environment that is promised more broadly and more ambitiously, by carrying the new proprietary Deck13 engine. The fight is also claimed to be more brutal and carries more options.

The Surge 2 will be released in 2019, still without a definite release window, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. How many of you are enjoying the first series?

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