How to Transfer Clash of Clans Accounts on Android and iOS

No doubt about Clash of Clans is a phenomenal mobile games in the world with millions of active players and is also one of the largest game with income well in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There are many reasons why people love the game’s artificial Supercell, which is fun to play and addictive.

Including in Indonesia, Clash of Clans is also a mobile game number 1. Surely many of you who play this game on smartphone, and may have wondered if I sell my old smartphone and buy a new one, then how about the Clash of Clans me? So this time we will provide a way to transfer your village from old smartphone to a new smartphone.


Android to Android

  • The first of your old smartphone, open Clash of Clans
  • Log into the Settings menu and Sign-in to your Google account
  • Of the new smartphone, download back in Clash of Clans
  • Open and play the tutorial to completion
  • Once the tutorial is completed, open the Settings menu and sign-in with the same Google account like in the old smartphone
  • There will be a confirmation to use the old Clash of Clans, then select yes and the game will reload with a smartphone like the old.


iOS to iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Make sure you are logged into Game Center. Open Game Center find the name of the game Clash of Clans
Start the game Clash of Clans in your old iOS devices, and see if there is a notification Game Center when it starts, if yes then you have connected to Game Center
In your new iOS device, go to Game Center: Settings-> Game Center and sign in with the Apple ID you the same as in the old device.
Download and install again Clash of Clans on new iOS devices
Then run, and will show alerts from Game Center that has a Save Clash of Clans of the old device. Select Okay to me-loadnya and you will play the old village.

Android to iOS and vice versa

Open Clash of Clans in the old device, then go to Settings -> Devices -> Link a Device and select “This is the old device” – “I want to link to another device” and you will get a code that you have to record.
Open Clash of Clans on the new device, then go to Settings -> Devices -> Link a Device and select “This is the new device,” and enter the code from your old device.
And the game will reload with the village of old smartphones.

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