Modder Fix Framerate Nier: Automata for PC

Being one game that is anticipated at this time, the presence of Nier: Automata for PC is of course a step that deserves to be welcomed. Many gamers in Indonesia may still not have tasted currently considering a new policy of region lock that will be released next month, or because he was protected Denuvo that has not been hacked by CPY today. Broadly speaking, at least in the PC with a high specification, action RPG blends Square Enix and Platinum Games is not much troubled. Unfortunately, for gamers with lower specifications or taste it in the notebook, framerate so challenging. As usual, you can always count modder to finish.


Square Enix itself has promised a patch to fix this in the near future, but a modder named DrDaxxy act even faster. Through mod which he injected a bit of visual settings to modify an existing, successful DrDaxxy helps mobile gamers rely on GPUs and graphics cards to get the legacy framerate up to two times better. He mentions that there’s a problem in the Global Illumination effect super expensive Nier: Automata which contains 128 elements in it. DrDaxxy done is reduce it to only 16 elements only.

It’s certainly a solution is needed, re-emphasized the important role of a modder to release many PC games, especially those that arise from the developer / publisher of Japan. If you are a gamer who had the opportunity to taste Nier: Automata PC version is faster, you can get these solutions at the following link. Long live mods!

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