Need for Speed will appear at E3 2017

Near the middle of the year and most gamers seem to can not wait to deal with the biggest annual gaming event – E3 2017. In this one magnificent event, the console manufacturers and game publishers are always talking about their latest games, unveiling the mystery of some secret project, to throw “shock” which had never previously predicted. As is customary in previous years, EA will also take part in some of the new games that can even be tested directly in the arena. Cool again? Need for Speed ​​Hot certainly will take part.


Through an official press release that there is, EA which this year will have their own separate E3 event, ensuring the presence of at least two new games that will appear in the event EA Play for E3 2017. First, of course, is Star Wars Battlefront 2 is already confirmed for a long time, but still with no clear content details. The second? The return of their flagship racing game that had a vacuum for one year – Need for Speed. Not just introduced it, Need for Speed ​​is still without a name will even be sampled directly by gamers who attended the EA Play later. The rest of the game another go round sports games such as FIFA 18 or NBA Live 18.

EA itself admits that they will be more games that they could take in the event EA Play 2017, unfortunately still without any extra information. EA Play itself will be held on 10 to 12 June 2017. How about you? Need for Speed ​​game as what you want to appear at E3 later?

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