Realize the importance of the team composition in Game Hero Shooter

No one knows when the term began to be used shooter game hero. Gamasutra write the term hero shooter arises because the effect of the popularity of MOBA equally emphasize the unique use of in-game characters.

Occurrences Overwatch, Battleborn, and Paladins has recently become a trend that ignited the competitive gaming scheme in game model known as hero shooter. Although the election of class-based shooter game existed from the Team Fortress mod for Quake three decades ago, but thanks to the presence Overwatch and others, such as genre reborn with a new magnet that makes favored by many people.

If may be likened, hero-shooter gameplay more or less similar to the depiction of two screenshot above

In contrast to the Counter Strike and Point Blank, hero shooter gameplay that seem to offer more priority than fighting the pleasure of playing skill and team coordination as usual competitive shooter game. It also encouraged the behavior of the players are more often access the casual mode than competitive mode, such Ranked Match and the like, so that the hero shooter increasingly synonymous with the sheer pleasure of playing shooter.

Factors fun had an impact on the behavior of the players in general. Often they forget that the game hero shooter still require solid teamwork as most other competitive games. Not unlike the problems that exist in MOBA games, players often subordinated balance roles of team members for the sake of personal pleasure and failed to read the situation.


It becomes a kind of “benign tumor” that sometimes becomes a dilemma in the game hero shooter. On the one hand we want it to be a game that can be coupled at a competitive level, but otherwise we can not be separated from how hard it is not serious to eliminate the impression that settle in this type of game shooter.

It is undeniable, beat other players and scored killstreak as much give the sensation of playing a very pleasant, not least in the hero shooter. There are few players who make this goal as part of “ambition” of their play. The reason? More and more players are defeated, the greater the confidence that he is the best player in the game.

It is not something wrong, but it also does not mean to be the benchmark that the number of kill is everything in game score calculation. There are many other variables that could be pursued in shooter games of this kind, ranging from the largest number heal, tanker strongest, and many others.

The good news again, chasing the variables in addition to the number of kills also provide attractive reward achievement immortalized in the game. This is what makes a hero shooter so attractive to those who are not too good at playing shooter games. It helps you relax into a carry in order to pursue another achievement beyond the accumulated amount of kills.


“When all the players chose Hanzo, where sometimes I feel sad”

In the hero shooter, the player free to choose which characters to master, as well as playing follow the flow of the game is to roll the situation unpredictable like a snow ball (snowballing). Snowballing situation unpredictable certainty because of the character selection, strategy, skill and luck also contribute determine the outcome of the game.

Although unpredictable, but the best effort to chase this situation is to ensure a balanced character role in the team. Unfortunately, often the players can not predict the electoral role taken other members of the team. And when the moment you see there is a shortage, it helps you give in and began filling the gaps existing role to minimize the chances of your team loses.

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