Remove the Wii U, bloodstained Now Released for Switch

Bloodstained? How many of you still remember this one game? Born from cold hands Koji Igarashi, he is a “response” from the lack of concern shown at Konami Castlevania. In fact, instead of developing new series, Konami would bring this franchise to its pachinko machines are renowned. Bloodstained trying to bring formula what brings this series so fantastic in the past, with the same brain, but now with the story, visuals, and new characters. The bad news for gamers Wii U? Bloodstained not be released there.


Apart from Kickstarter campaign promise in early mention Nintendo Wii U as a platform release, the update turns, Koji Igarashi reluctantly had to cancel it. Instead, bloodstained now be released for Nintendo Switch. Igarashi mentions that it is currently difficult to get support from Nintendo to release the game on the Wii U, therefore, they should switch. There was nothing they could do other than apologize while providing the option for gamers Wii U already supports them in Kickstarter to move the platform.

This is of course a major blow to gamers Wii U is already looking forward to this game, especially after Nintendo clearly mentions Breath of the Wild as the last game they prepare for a dead platform “young” is. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night itself is planned to be released in the next quarter of 2018. Sad day for Wii U gamers ..

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