Resident Evil: Revelations Migrated to the console?

Most gamers who follow the Resident Evil franchise eagerly would fall at the same conclusion associated newest series. Resident Evil 6 is so anticipated, it did not provide an experience that is quite intense compared to previous series which was released on the Nintendo 3DS – Resident Evil: Revelations. Had introduced a series exclusive for 3DS, RE: Revelations did make a lot of console gamers bite the fingers and disappointed, especially because the quality is so praised in the gaming industry. But for those who still wish to taste this game on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it turns out this dream might be realized.


Capcom has yet to confirm anything regarding the possibility of port RE: Revelations for the current consoles, but a word “happy” comes from the Committee’s website showing the Korean game rating Resident Evil: Revelations listed as a game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. One paper version its 3DS? Almost impossible. The Committee itself is doing the rating for RE: Revelations 3DS version and is unlikely to repeat the same rating. Furthermore, this committee is also known as a fairly reliable source leaked to some games that had leaked in the past – DMC HD, DB Z Kinect, and Crysis 1 console version.

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