[REVIEW] GameSir F1, Special Joystick for MOBA Lovers !

GameSir F1 3

Among mobile gamers, not enough if only have a mobile capable to play the game today. Like eating, of course less enjoyable if without side dishes. This is why accessories are important. For someone who makes mobile their main gaming device, accessories are important enough to support their style of play. Especially if you are a fan of esports games like Mobile Legends or Rules of Survival.

Seeing the trends and needs of the gamers, GameSir finally issued a new product that is certainly very suitable for gamers MOBA game fans. The product is a Joystick Grip named GameSir F1. Surely this product is the most innovative product from GameSir that is ready to pamper the Mobile gamers especially the MOBA genre. And this time we will review the special accessories of MOBA game lovers that is GameSir F1. Like apasih form of this GameSir F1? Let’s look at the reviews

GameSir F1 Design

An ergonomic design that is easily adjusted to each user’s grip, will create a different playing experience than usual. You can see that GameSir F1 looks more like a Joystick or phone holder. This joystick is equipped with a rubber analog that is specially designed for those of you who like to play MOBA on smartphones.

GameSir F1 3

GameSir F1 2

The function of the Joystick like this in addition to easier grip is also sure to avoid sweaty hands so as not to directly touch the smartphone screen. This is the main problem of MOBA gamers that can lead to movement in game play is not smooth and precise both in moving the character and in issuing skills. And GameSir F1 certainly has been equipped with a strong but friendly material in the hands of users. Made with anti-slip material both handles and joysticknya handles. The soft and powerful joystick will make the game gamers more flexible in moving the characters in the game.


GameSir F1 comes with a simple and familiar design that makes it suitable to complement the accessories of MOBA game players. And GameSir F1 is made of conductive rubber. Each side of the GameSir F1 is equipped with a foam-like pad that makes GameSir F1 usable on any size or thickness of any phone without fear of falling off the phone. For the price you can get in the online store about $ 20.

Games that do not take a lot of time, can make this game as the right choice for you who are always busy and confused to find what kind of entertainment, this game can fill your time and change the mood to be happier.

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