Shadow Tactics Review

Have you ever imagined the term is becoming a ninja when she was young? Thanks to exposure to movies and popular cartoon themed ninja, characters from the Japanese culture is not only easy to spot, but it also could be a childhood imagination memorable to date.

Ninja adventure is not a theme that is relatively new in the video game. Thanks to the depiction of a mysterious character, ninja suitable to put in different types of gameplay, both sides emphasized more action, or tactical strategies such as that carried through Shadow Productions developer Mimimi Tactics.

Emerging Tactics Shadow itself can be a kind of love letter to gamers who like ninja and never enjoyed the difficulty of playing a strategy game on PC at the end of the 90s era. Some classic titles like Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, and others became the reference of the Shadow Tactics fill that void tactical strategy game on PC over the last few years.


Through the game that is not only challenging, but also very draining brains and patience, Shadow Tactics is a fun entertainment that inject a dose of nostalgia in 2016. Read this review until the end to find out the reason why I called it.

Do you think it’s so cool ninja? Wait until you die and repeat the save point for the twelfth time in this game. Shadow Ninja Tactics slap to be smart and not so cool ninja like Naruto.

Shadow Tactics is a strategy game themed feudal Japan where you control multiple characters with different specialties. This game system brings real-time strategy with the control point-and-click typical PC games in general.

Gameplay classic charm has not faded


Similar to the Commandos, you are forced to be more careful in managing strategy play. This is because the ratio of the number of enemies far more than the troops that you control. That situation makes stealth approach alias clandestinely into strategies that ye shall apply in Shadow Tactics.

You are ordered to lead an assassin group consisting of a ninja named Hayato, the warrior samurai Mugen, a spy named Aiko, Akuma sniper, and kunoichi named Yuki. Shadow Tactics itself tells the Edo period, when the conflict threatens the stability of the bloody battle Tokugawa Japan.

The story in this game is not far away from the usual ninja themes you find in modern entertainment media. Various actions such as infiltration, theft, and even murder become a main dish that makes fans of stealth-strategy games like Commandos really feel playing the game right.
We are firmly united, divided we fall

As discussed earlier, Shadow Tactics is a strategy game that is promoting stealth elements in almost all parts of his game. By paying attention to environmental conditions and also the movements of the enemy patrol guard, you are required to avoid contact frontal weapons because the effect on the successful completion of the mission.


If the opponents realize the dangerous situation, they did not hesitate to call in reinforcements with higher numbers than the forces unit that you have. Dead patrol attacked the enemy tends to be the cause of my defeat in several missions Shadow Tactics game, especially at higher levels. The further the mission which you live, the more and the variety of all kinds of infiltration challenges you face.

Stories in Shadow Tactics delivered via in-game cutscene that has been quite okay, but less memorable

Seven to one this situation encourages you to utilize each character’s abilities as possible. For example, two characters ninja like Hayato and Yuki have high mobility and ability infiltration quite crucial to opening the path for other characters. The ability of both to distract the enemy into a key so I could pass the other characters up to the enemy’s front line of defense.

But that does not mean my actions in the Shadow Tactics depend fully on two ninja character that I mentioned earlier. Other characters such as Mugen formidable samurai warrior, Akuma sniper, and the spy Aiko also has a role no less important. Aiko as a character weakest of them all, could be a very important figure once I get the right costume to make undercover among the enemy patrol.

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