Superhot Review – PC Game

Your First Person Shooter games fan? Do you already have heard about the game superhot? Game made this feasible Team superhot you put in your game list if you are really a true FPS fan.

In this superhot game you will be assigned to kill the enemies that came with a variety of weapons. Interestingly in this Indie FPS game is that you will see a lot of game levels. With the level of the game continues to grow, it will increase also the challenges and difficulties faced. And again battle in the superhot is arguably faster. If you die then just press the button R for Replay.


As I experienced when playing this game. First of all just been arriving one enemy. I then tried to punch the man, but failed. Thus I killed before reaching the elevator. Ahh just press R to repeat. Fast game like this is very fun and we made a kind of addicted to trying continuously.

In every elevator you live there is also a scenario, or in this case a sort of storyline. The scenario is what makes this game interesting superhot and not feel boring. Because it would be a lot of levels that you need to pass so that this scenario is necessary in order to keep it interesting.

Such as in a scenario where you will be in a bar. But the commotion and the bartender suddenly become your enemy as he pulled out a gun. Things that are difficult to predict such is the strength of this superhot game.

In each scenario we are faced with any difficult situation. Such as we were attacked by many enemies, or face an enemy armed with a gun that has only one bullet. Handicap of this kind will increase along with the level of your game.


With the handicap of this kind then you need discernment in moving towards the enemy. One little step you could be killed only by one shot. And again in this game takes patience not directly hit the enemy you like the game shoot-out has-been.

The system is also simple game mechanics but realistic. You can not reload your weapon. If you are wasting your gun discharged and then look for new weapons either from you or any other enemy. You can also use the objects around you to then thrown to the enemy. It will slow down your enemies and in some cases can instantly kill your enemies with ease. Every step you take is very important in order to complete the level-by-level from this superhot.

Uniquely every weapon in the game has some sort of skill that can be done with such weapons. My favorite is the katana. Why? Because with this katana we could split the bullets coming towards us! It is amazing though sounds quite strange. In a game where you can split the bullets with a katana?

I feel a bit of a shortage on the AI ​​opponent or computer intelligence that could be considered highly unusual. Increasing difficulty of each level is not accompanied by increasingly intelligent AI. Besides the graphics of this game are very simple majority even consists of only one or two colors. So if you are expecting a graphical ‘wow’ then this game may not be suitable for you.


Regarding the plot or storyline maybe I can not describe here because it would interfere with the enjoyment of your game later. But that would take about two to three hours to complete the short campaign mode. So can you expect yourself how long this game will be.

Overall this superhot decent game you play for fun and innovative gameplay, so if you chase game FPS gameplay in which you play decent then this superhot you try and feel the joy of playing FPS with fast tempo and thrilling!

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