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Not many games that make people realize that we are just tiny creatures when gathered in large numbers is still not nothing compared to the figure or substances that are bigger and stronger than us out there. Indeed, there are games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Shadow of the Colossus, or Jotun that tries to show how little human beings in the universe, but the whole game was presented from the perspective of the individual against major figure in life.

The Banner Saga tried to describe what was done by the titles I mentioned, but took it to the stage more extreme: What if hundreds of human beings and other mythical creatures have to travel long distances to escape the fury raging god?


Previously, first check the reviews of The Banner Saga first here!

This theme is continued directly from the first game to The Banner Saga 2, a sequel that presents the story and the adventure more epic than its predecessor. But whether this theme is able to be executed properly by the Stoic as the developer? And if The Banner Saga 2 is quite open to people who have not played the first game? Find the answer below.

The number two in the title of The Banner Saga 2 actually has a literal meaning. This game is a sequel that really a sequel. What does it mean? All the elements of The Banner Saga 2, both the gameplay, music, visual or an immediate improvement of the existing in The Banner Saga first.

The story is presented is a direct continuation of the end of The Banner Saga which ended with a cover that make players curious. So do not be surprised if once you start The Banner Saga 2, will appear the words “Chapter 8.”

Does that mean The Banner Saga 2 is not a game that is suitable for new players play? Depending on what type of player you are. In the main menu of this game itself provided a summary of the story of The Banner Saga first, so you will not completely blind to the story in the sequel. If the story is not important do you think, a summary of which is provided should be sufficient to help.


But, never played the first game obviously will make your gaming experience so much leverage. Not only do you get the progress from the first game will be stored and can be continued in the second game, but there are also separate bonuses you can earn. Continuing the story of the first game also provides a separate connection between the player and the characters in the game, something that is quite difficult to realize if you jump into The Banner Saga 2.

The fight happened with the intense, while the trip takes place with very limited food stocks. In addition, any random event that I found could have harmful effects for the members of the trip. Who knows how many times I lost a fighter just because one can choose the decision in the first game.

The same sensation I do not find in The Banner Saga 2. All existing features and consequences remain the same, but the intensity is much lighter. Although this makes the game so much more relaxed and gave me more room to appreciate the beauty of this game audio visual and how his epic story presented, it remains something less.

Two things that do not need to doubt of The Banner Saga is a visual and musical quality that brought this game. Game still has a smooth animation style image that reminds me of the animation mid-20th century, but combined with the beautiful landscape paintings that we usually encounter at random in an art store.

As I mentioned in the opening of this review, through its visual success of The Banner Saga 2 shows how small and insignificant compared to the world we live so large and creatures or substances that are older and noble of our life is short and small.

It feels so calming each time staring at the screen filled with visual beauty in The Banner Saga 2. Although I must admit, some of the tricks used to present a cool visual over time can make you bored if stared at too long and often.

For the music business, The Banner Saga 2 is still handled by Austin Wintory responsible for the music in the Journey, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and of course The Banner Saga first. The full music and the sound of war drums shouted vocals can raise your spirit when it had to jump into the battlefield. Not much needs to be commented on from the music presented Austin Wintory, because music is his composition almost certainly could describe the atmosphere there very well.



The Banner Saga 2 is a new game that you can enjoy to the fullest if you play prekuelnya. But if you are not someone who is oversensitive to the affairs of the story, then plunge into the game they both should not be a big problem.

With the low prices offered, The Banner Saga 2 is an epic adventure that is very dear to miss. Especially if you like culture and myths of Eastern Europe, the fight strategy that requires critical thinking, as well as fond of things that can spoil the eyes and ears.

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