Tricks do stacking wood in Dota 2

Stacking is a trick to accumulate neutral creep or creep in somewhere as well. The number of stacks is usually more than one group creep.

The goal? Of course, to kill them so that you get a gold in large quantities than killing a single group. Stacking can accelerate the acquisition of gold your team, plus increase efficiency in farming.

How does it work and perform tricks stacking properly? In this article you will learn all about stacking, ranging from the principles, the basic concept, to how to do stacking may have often you see.


Principles and basic concepts of stacking

Stacking can be done thanks to the interaction between neutral creep in the woods with a box called spawn box. Each camp had a neutral creep spawn this box. This is the main thing you should consider when stacking.

One simple thing you should know: every turn of minutes, spawn this box will check whether the area in it is inhabited by a unit (whatever that is). If the turn-minute turned out to spawn this box is empty, then the new group will appear neutral creep.

Interaction is what must you take advantage when stacking. How, you need to empty the spawn box that is in the neutral creep camp right at the turn of the minutes, without killing the neutral creep in it.


When to stacking and how?

How easy it! Pull it out of neutral creep spawn box at the right moment. When the turn of minutes, spawn box will see the area is empty and when it will appear neutral creep. Natural creep you just pull will be returned to their camp, met with the new occupants. Done, you just do stacking.

Neutral new creep always appear in all 30 games seconds, then at every turn of the minute (the first minute, two minutes, and so on). So, you can simply pull a few seconds before that time.

Generally, you can already do this trick in seconds 52nd or 53rd at every minute. If it is too fast, neutral creep that you will soon pull back and get into the box before the turn spawn minutes. Conversely, if too late, you do not have enough time to pull them out of the spawn box just before the turn of minutes.


How do I pull? Quite fishing one neutral creep to attack. You can attack him first or walking up to a distance of aggression. Then fled away from their camp. Run as far as possible to natural spawn creep out of the box.

Each camp has the size and position of the different boxes spawn. This makes each camp has its own ideal direction for withdrawal. For example, for a camp like the picture above, you should pull to the left for the end of the spawn box on the side that is closer, so it’s likely you have accomplished greater stacking.

How the above is the most common. In this case, it is assumed that you are doing is stacking the first in the camp. Some particular camp might have a different time, for example, second-to-55.

If you are already doing stacking in a camp twice and want to do it once again, you need to do a little early. When drawn, neutral creep polynomial it will be scrambling and jostling for a walk after you, so we need more time to get out of the spawn box.

In essence, you need to remember is how to extricate the neutral creep of Spawn box. Once understand the principle of it, you should be able to find out for themselves the right time to do stacking in each camp.

Several other efficiency tricks

Generally, the stacking is done to obtain additional sources of gold for your team members need. For example, when early in the game, while the carry in your team, do farming in the lane, you as a stacking support do as much as possible. Then when carry it strong enough, he can come and take the stack to accelerate gold, increase the number of farm he had held previously.


In addition to setting up additional gold resources, stacking can also be used for other efficiencies. When you’re jungling or farming in the forest, do not forget to keep an eye on the time.

Once you’re sure you can not finish neutral creep in seconds 52nd or 53rd, immediately do stacking. It can give you a little extra gold rather than simply killing a group of neutral creep camp and wait for a minute that is filled again.

The other trick is that you can do more than one stacking at once, depending on your hero. For example, you use the Vengeful Spirit in Dire side. You can draw a camp with a body or regular attack, then pulled the camp beside using Wave of Terror.

Tricks like this takes practice and time accuracy. But if successful, means you managed to improve your efficiency in doing stacking.

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