Weather Will High Impact on Company of Heroes 2

You do not deserve to be called as a lover RTS gamer if you’ve never touched a game RTS – Company of Heroes before. Many gamers who may see this game as an ordinary strategy games, until they try it directly. Unlike the usual RTS game Company of Heroes make effective use of the unit as the ultimate strategy game. Amazingly, he is able to bind the theme of the second world war in the visualization and charming setting. Not surprisingly, when the second series of this highly anticipated game.


However, THQ and Relic itself already preparing so many new features for Company of Heroes 2. Not only changing the angle of view will be more focused on the battle of Russia and setting the battle that is now more snowy, Relic will also include a new feature called ColdTech system. As fire fatal result in the first series, ColdTech will make the ice and snow as an environmental factor that will have great impact on the course of the battle. We’re not just talking about the dynamics of the movement of troops and vehicles that may change due to the ice, but also the lives of your troops. Just as in the real world, forces that are too long and survive in the snow will experience hypothermia and death. Wow!
Make a bonfire would not guarantee your troops warm. If you do not want your troops die in vain, berteduhlah inside a warm home!
Trap the enemy tanks to get into the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthin ice can be a powerful strategy that should be considered

ColdTech remarkable system of course will change how COH seasoned gamers to enjoy this second series. Unlike the first series is positioned as a focused unit, the second series is likely to make the environment as a major indicator that will have a big impact for the battle of your major. It is no longer just a matter of conguered tanks and enemy troops, but also take advantage of the ice and snow for a profit. SOLD!

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